Top Five Business Name Generators – Reviews & Suggestions For All

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Business name generators can save you time and reduce stress when you are starting a new business or brand online. I’ve started over 100 websites as side projects over the last 15 years. Like many others, the biggest thing I’ve had a problem with is coming up with a business name. Whether it is just a blog, a tech startup, an affiliate website or a business site, coming up with a name is always difficult.

I’ve spent countless hours coming up with names before only to find that the domain isn’t available.
One way I’ve found to come up with business names that also will ensure you pick a name that has an available domain …

Business Name Generators!

There are a lot of different name generators out on the web and I’d love to break them all down but while doing research for this post I came across a great breakdown of name generators.

There are many components that go into creating a good website or blog, but one of the most important – and sometimes overlooked – factors is having a good domain name. Something that fits well with your business name and purpose, something that’s memorable and not prone to misspelling, and something that taps into your targeted keywords to enhance your SEO efforts.

You can spend hours brainstorming the right business, website or blog name, but there are some great tools available online to give you a huge range of suitable options in a snap. Business name generators are not a new concept, and there are tons available. Although, not all are high quality. I wanted to put a bunch to the test and give you the skinny on some of the tools I thought yielded the best results and proved simple to use.

To test the many business name generators I stumbled across online, I imagined myself to be in the business of selling rock band tee-shirts, looking to target and incorporate the keyword term ‘band tee’ for SEO, and because it would most clearly explain my hypothetical business in a nutshell.

Here are the five best business name generators I recommend trying out for yourself.

Lean Domain Search

WordPress’ parent company Automattic recently acquired Lean Domain Search, so it was naturally the first tool I tested, and it set the bar extremely high for all of the other tools that followed.
I plugged ‘band tees’ into Lean Domain Search and was presented 4989 available domains.

But the sheer number of suggestions wasn’t the only thing that impressed me.
Using Lean Domain Search, when you select one of the domains suggested, the site double checks the domain is still available but also checks that the related Twitter name is also available. For example, when I clicked ‘’ I was shown that @BandTeesPro was available on Twitter.

I was also directed to register the domain with three popular providers, making the task simple.
Another bonus of using Lean Domain Search is that you can browse the list of suggestions on your webpage, or you can copy the entire list to your clipboard with the click of a button and paste it into a document to come back to later.


Panabee stands out from the plethora of ugly domain name generators online thanks largely to its attractive, quirky interface, but it also delivers on functionality.

Using this tool, you’re presented with a list of .coms and international domains (some of which are already taken, meaning you need to click through to see availability) as well as lists of related terms for each of the words plugged into the system.

You’ll also be presented with a brief list of Google AdWords currently targeting those terms (for example, in my testing Panabee displayed a selection of other businesses promoting band tees) to give you an idea of the kind of competition you’ll be facing online.

You can change domain extensions, to .biz, .org and more, and when you click a domain name suggestion and you’re automatically directed to GoDaddy, offering further related suggestions and purchasing options.


Domainr is slightly different to the other tools I came across, but it has a twist on the domain generator concept that got my attention right away.

It doesn’t offer suggestions for related words and a pile of possible domain name options, but it does offer suggestions for domain extensions that can be used to give you a shorter domain, and a point of difference.

When I plugged bandtees into their search field I was presented with a brief list of 13 options, some available and some unavailable, and some including some clever domain extension use I wouldn’t have ordinarily considered, such as:


Integrating your domain extension into your name isn’t for everyone, but could be a good option to check out if you’re looking for something a little different – particularly if you’re working in the tech and innovation industries.

Name Mesh

Enter your targeted words and hit search and Name Mesh offers a selection of common short domains, similar domain suggestions, SEO-focused suggestions, fun suggestions and mix suggestions to help you find a domain name that’s perfect for your business blog or website.

Domains are marked red or green to indicate their availability, and you can hide unavailable domains and set a maximum character length in the settings. You can also click a domain option to see its social availability on Facebook and Twitter, and turn additional extensions on and off (such as .com, .io, .co, and .net) to give you more or fewer options.

Domains Bot

Domains Bot is simple to use with a clean interface. Simply enter your keywords and hit the Search button, then further refine your list by allowing or disallowing synonyms for each of your keywords, selecting which TLD extensions to include, your price range and more.

You’ll be presented with a list of available and already-registered domains, and information about social availability for each suggestion. Hit the Buy button next to the suggestion you like and be directed to a list of registered providers and prices.

Have a suggestion for a great tool I’ve missed here? Be sure to share it in the comments!

I am still working on more research into finding the best business name generator.  For now, these are on the list!

Talk Soon!
CJ Hallock


PS. Once you find a good domain it is always recommended to do a trademark search just to play it safe. You also should check to see if you can get the social media handles with that same name.  So once you use the business name generators and find a name you might want to move forward with, I’d recommend the next step. Follow along to this post to find the best domain for your business or side project.  I’d ask that you read the full post but you can skip to #6 and check everything from social media availability to domain availability and also check to make sure no one has the name you want to be trademarked.  🙂



How To Sign Up For A Hosting Account | InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting review

Trying to wade through the ocean of hosting companies on the Internet to find the gem that you want for your website can be a real pain. With so many of these companies setting up shop overseas, there are some out there that can take your money and deliver little in return.

They give you poor service with too much downtime, customer service representatives who don’t care about the company’s reputation (or your website) and fees that keep going up. This will show you the difference one company can make in helping entrepreneurs with reliable hosting options.

Located in Los Angeles & Virginia Beach, this company has proven over the years it’s been in business that they look out for their customers. With their 99.9% uptime, the management with InMotion Hosting knows what it takes to keep customers happy.

They’ve also streamlined the hosting process so that you don’t have to have your websites scattered with various hosting companies. They can handle everything you have and they give you unlimited space and unlimited domain hosting with most plans.

Three of their plans are the Launch Plan, the Power Plan, and the Pro Plan. Most new businesses – especially Internet marketers just learning the ropes, choose to go with the Power Plan, which does effectively meet their initial needs.

With the Power Plan, you can get set up for only $8.49 a month if you pay for service for two years at a time. If that’s too long for you, then paying for it by the year is only $9.56 for the twelve months.

With the purchase of your hosting accounts, you will receive a free (.com) domain. Before you register a domain I’d recommend thinking about the name you chose. Starting with a good domain is very important.

how to register a domain and sign up for hosting

Once you have found the best name for your business/project the next step is to register your domain and sign up for hosting. When you go to you will see that you land on the business hosting page.

The package that you need to sign up for (for starters only) is “Power”. Click on “Order Now” & then chose the registration duration (1 or 2 years) It will break down to what it would cost monthly but you are required to pay in advance.

For 1 year it will cost about $85 & 2 years will cost about $150. (Prices are subject to change.)

Once you chose what duration period you want it will take you to the checkout page. There is a good possibility that you will get a pop-up for an upsell. You do not need this at this moment so you can just click on “No Thanks”.

Chose your Data Center – If they have availability for multiple servers at the time you sign up you will see multiple options for your data center. If you see the options, just chose the data center closest to you.

Do not install WordPress here. We are going to do this later so we can customize our advanced settings. So keep this section set to “No, Thanks” Click on “Continue”.

Enter in the domain you want to purchase on the next page and click search to start the process. Once you see the success message “Great news, is available!” click on “Add to Cart” & then click on “Continue”

The next section is for “Domain Privacy Registration”. I highly recommend that you keep the privacy registration setting on. For only about $10/year this will keep your information private so that people can’t do a “WHOIS” reverse search to find your phone number, email address, mailing address, etc. Click on “Continue”

Once you have done that you will need to create a new account. Under “New Customer” please enter your email address & click continue.

On the next page fill out your information to create your account and complete the purchase. Now click “Continue”

Once you get to the “Review Your Order” page, please be sure to go over all of the information. Then you need to click “I Agree” on the bottom of the page to agree to the purchase & Terms of Service. Then click on “Checkout”

Now you have completed the process to register your domain name and have signed up for hosting. The next thing you need to do is check your email account for an email from InMotion Hosting to set your password & verify your account. Please follow those emails and complete this step.