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  • Module One: The Blueprint: Map out the content structure of your website and business. Create "UrOnlineBrand" by finding the perfect name for your new brand.
  • Module Two: The Foundation: This is where we will be securing "UrOnlineBrand" online including your domain, hosting, social media platforms and more!
  • Module Three: The Structure: This is building out our pages and creating our to-do list for day four.
  • Module Four: The Content: We know the blueprint and what pages we have on our website, today we're going to cover creating the content for your website.
  • Module Five: The Design: While people want the content without a quality design people will not consume your content.
  • Module Six: The Launch: Today we're fixing any last minute issues and going through the pre-launch checklist before we wrap up by launching our website.
  • Module Seven: The Update: This is where you will find updated and continued training to keep moving forward. This is where the up to date additional trainings will be as I publish them.

What Is The Blitz?

The Blitz is the course I have put together for the absolute beginner.  You may find that you have completed some of these on your own, but that is why I have this put together the way that I did. 

I want you to be able to go through the lessons at your own pace and only focus on what you need. 

So if you are just now starting you can go through all of the lessons in modules with one complete video and you can also go through the lessons individually within each module.


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