Step One: Blueprint

In this step we are going to cover what you will need to make a website.

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Congrats on deciding to start something. I know that can be a stressful decision. This step is to cover what you will need for the Blitz Challenge.
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What Do I Need To Make A Website?

Welcome to the Blitz Challenge! Remember that I’ve put together a lot of shortcuts for you so please be sure to follow along with EVERY step! If you miss one then you may mess the whole thing up.

Please feel free to use the What You Need document to walk through the Blitz Challenge.

Remember that this is just a template. You may need to add or remove some of this and that is OK! Only you know your business so do what is right for your business.

Important Note: Don’t forget to optimize all of the images you upload. If you are not sure what this means or how to do it, don’t worry. I put together a training for you. It walks you through how to resize and optimize images with Photoshop and I also show you how to do it online using free tools. Check it out here.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

When it comes to making a website it can be a fairly inexpensive task.  There are some things that you have to have in order to make a website. 

***We are just discussing cost right now, we’re going to get our domain, hosting and everything else we need in a later step.***

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. These prices are current at the time of me writing this. Taxes and fees may also apply.

Domain – This is the “street address” for your website on the internet.  The domain (.com) cost with privacy registration is about $20* per year with HostYak. There are discounts for new accounts that will make the initial registration almost $9* cheaper per year.

Hosting – This is basically your “Home” on the internet. Hosting is where all the files are stored for your website. For the Blitz Challenge we are going to be using HostYak’s cPanel Ultimate Hosting Plan. This package is $19.54* per month and there are discounts when you sign up for longer terms.

SSL Certificate – This is the security for your website.  This isn’t technically “needed” but neither is having a front door on your house.  So please take my recommendation and get a ssl certificate.  With the process we are going to go through with the Blitz Challenge you will be getting a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE for the first year. The SSL Certificate will renew at $39.99*.

Elementor Pro – This is going to be the key tool to make a website with the Blitz Challenge. For a single site license you can get Elementor Pro for only $49* per year.  This will also include their premium customer support and all updates.

How Much Does A Website Cost To Build?

The Total Investment For The Blitz Challenge Is $80.44*

Download the "Blitz Challenge Folder"

I have put together a folder of goodies for you to help you speed up the process and more. 

In order to complete the Blitz Challenge you will need to download the folder. 

The folder is in a compressed file and can be downloaded via dropbox by clicking on the button below.

how to save files from dropbox

What's Inside Of The
Blitz Challenge Folder?

Click on the file name for details.

This is a photoshop template to help you create your icon that you need for your website. (512px X 512px)

This is the file template we are going to be installing on our hosting account.  This includes an installation of WordPress that has almost everything you need already done for you!

This is a photoshop template to design your business cards when you are ready to start sharing your website. (P.S. This is to create US Standard business cards.) We will be launching a sister site to order high quality business cards. (Stay Tuned)

This is an Adobe Photoshop template with all of the guides you need to create a professional Facebook Cover Photo.

This Adobe Photoshop Instagram post template will help you get the most out of the real estate in your followers’ feeds.

This file is the “sister” to the BC_Complete_Files. The “Installer” will tell the software on your hosting account how to install the BC_Complete_Files template.

This Adobe Photoshop template will help you have a professional profile picture for your social media accounts.  This template helps with the automatic “Circle Crop” that takes place with most social media platforms. 

This document is for you to keep track of your information and content for your website.  Inside of this content is not only an overview of this page but it is also a questionnaire to help you with content creation for your website.

What You Need To Make A Website (Checklist)

Click on the  items for more information. (If Available)

We are going to be taking care of naming a business in the next step of the Blitz Challenge. Step Two: Foundation.

If you need help coming up with a tagline, there is a free blog post to help you. Click Here.

You will need a logo for this to work right. You will need two different versions of your logo.

If You Have A Horizontal Logo
The first version is going to be your “default” logo. The recommended width is 320px.
The second version is your “retina” logo. The recommended width is 640px.

If You Have A Square or Circle Logo
The “default” logo recommended width is 256px.
The “retina” logo recommended width is 512px

View the full Logo Design Blog Post 

This is what’s displayed when people bookmark your site on their phone and is your favicon. The resolution for the icon is “512px X 512px”. (Don’t forget about the Icon Photoshop Template in the Blitz Challenge Folder.)

You will need to decide how your customers/clients/visitors are going to contact you. You also need to decide what information you will display on your website.  For example: Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, etc.

Your mission and vision statements are important to your brand for many different reasons. Your brand values is also very important. Aside from giving you something to stay accountable to, it allows your clients and/or customers to understand what you are about. If you need help with these check out the blog post.

You will want to use the What You Need Document to list the links of all the social media platforms that you use. We will be using these to link to your platforms from your website.

Your home page is the first thing that people see when they land on your website.  You don’t want to give them too much to look at but you do want to have something that tells them some information about you. Get more help with your Home Page Content. I would recommend at least 300 words for your home page content.

No two websites are the same.  Some people prefer one page websites with everything on one page, others prefer multiple pages.  So, decide how many pages you are going to be designing and get the content together for those pages. Overall 300-500 words is a good goal for most pages.  If you do not have images you can use, you can always use stock photos.  There are FREE and PAID Stock Photos… Learn more about them here.

That's all folks!

Step One Complete: Blueprint

Now that we have covered what you will need to make a website, it is time to move forward with the next step in the Blitz Challenge.