How to Market a Business on a Budget

When a person starts a business, most of the time it is not with an endless budget. I know how hard it can be to market a business on a shoe string budget.
market on a budget

It’s one of the questions that come up almost every time I sit down with a business owner.

“How do I market my business without spending a lot of money?”

The answer is easy: Don’t spend a lot of money! But seriously, it is that simple.

Getting started as a business you will need to spend some money but you do not have to spend a ton of money. As you grow your business just remember that you CAN grow your business with only a small investment.  Want to know what you need and what it costs? Have that other question?

How much should I spend on marketing?

Here is the breakdown for what you should spend money on…

  1. Domain – Your domain (.com) is only $9.99/year & add private registration for only $1.95/year (Price is through | You can get your domain through InMotion Hosting for free with your hosting)
  2. Hosting – I’ve been with a lot of different hosting companies over the years & I strongly recommend “” it is who I’m using to host this website and working on moving all of my other websites to them. This is where you will find that free domain.  I’d recommend the “Business (Shared) Hosting” then pick the “Power Plan”.
  3. WordPress Theme – Depending on what theme you chose the price changes but I’m using Salient ($59/single site) & Optimize Press ($97/3sites) on my sites. This site is built with Salient.
  4. SSL Certificate – This is never a MUST but it is recommended if you are going to be running an e-commerce store, either way, it’s a basic and easy thing to set up.
  5. SiteLock Basic – Another security blanket to help protect you from hackers – Only $17.88/year. (Price is through
  6. Email Auto-Responder – You can get Free Autoresponders but I’d recommend the spend and get an account with Aweber.  I’ve used them for a while and everything syncs with them lol 🙂 (Only $19/month BUT the 1st month is FREE)
  7. Ghostwriter – There are a lot of ghostwriters out there. You can have someone like natashanixon on Fiverr do your article and content for $5-10/page or you can use PLR and create your own(PLR can be as cheap as $1 per article or even a subscription base like RRW. ($0 yes, they have a free monthly membership and a premium membership for only $19)

Now if you go through everything and try to see what it will cost let me help …

This is only what is needed.

Starting out you NEED to have a website (domain, hosting & theme) so the cost for that is about $$75  (plus taxes and ICANN Fees) up front and then only $9.99 each month after that for your hosting and the domain will renew each year on the anniversary of your registration.

If you are planning on using email marketing you can get Aweber for only $19/month

That is all you NEED.

Outside of that all you need to do is focus on building a following of loyal fans.  The hardest part is doing this. But, it is the most important part.

Using platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter you can build a following that will grow your business without a lot of work. Ok, I lied, it can be a lot of work but once you get most of the “Build” done, you can maintain and stay active with your community with only a small amount of time and you will not be spending any money doing this. (You can buy followers and likes but that doesn’t mean you should!)

Just start and do not quit.  It’s going to be a hard journey but that’s the good thing with business. You put the work in up front to live a better life down the line.

Hope to see you there!

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