Step Three: Structure

In this step we are going to be installing our FREE template & Coming Soon Page

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We will have a Coming soon page on our website soon.

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Upload Blitz Challenge Files To cPanel

Inside of the Blitz Challenge Folder (see Step One: Blueprint), there are two files that we are going to be using in this step. The first file is the “core template files” titled “BC_Complete_Files”, which is the free website template I’ve built for you. This includes the WordPress Install along with the “theme” and the “plugins” that you will need. (ElementorPro is a premium plugin and is not included with the template. **More On That Later** )

The second file is the “Installer” or “installer.php” this is basically free software that we are going to use that will install the files from the BC_Complete_Files .zip file for you with a few easy steps.

Inside of your cPanel you need to find your file manager (in Files section) and open it. You will see the directories and files associated with your cPanel.  In the list of files and directories you need to click on “public_html”.

Sometimes you may have a few default files/folders installed in this directory & if you do … do not worry.

(Watch video above for a complete step by step video walkthrough.)

On the top of the File Manager page you will see an “Upload” button. Click on that.

The next thing we are going to do is upload both of the files mentioned above.

On the upload page either drag the files or select the files you want to upload.

“BC_Complete_Files” • “installer.php”

Create Your Database

Now, go back into your cPanel so we can create our database and get it up and running.

Under the “Databases” section click on “MySQL Databases”. Now, we are going to create a database by giving it a name and clicking on “Create Database”.

create database

After you have created your database, go back to the “MySQL Databases” page (click on <-Go Back after you “Create Database”.

The next step is to create the “Database User”. Enter in the username and a secure password. After you have done that click on “Create User”.

create database user

The final step is to setup your Database by connecting your user to it.  Go back to the “MySQL Databases” page (click on <-Go Back) and scroll down to the “Add User To Database” section and select your user & your database then click on “Add”.  

add user to mysql database


The final step is to setup your Database by connecting your user to it.  Go back to the “MySQL Databases” page (click on <-Go Back) and scroll down to the “Add User To Database” section and select your user & your database then click on “Add”.  The next page is to Manage User Privileges, click on “All Privileges” checkbox and scroll to the bottom and click on “Make Changes”.

Run The Installer

We need to launch the installer. In order to do that you need to add /installer.php at the end of your domain. It will look like this:

When you go to that link it will open the Installer software that will install the FREE WordPress Template.


All you need to do once the Installer is open is check the box to accept the terms & notices and click on the “Next” button on the bottom of your page.  

At this point it will be extracting the install files. Be aware that this process can take a few minutes so if you need to go get a refill on your coffee, now is the time.

Now that the software has extracted all the files you are now on to Step Two of installing the free WordPress template.


duplicator installer step two

Now that we are on this page you need to enter in the Database name that we created earlier, along with the user and the password then click on “Test Database”.

If you are using HostYak for your hosting you should get your “Requirements” to (Pass) and your “Notices” should be (Good).

Now, click on “Next”.

You will get a “Install Confirmation” pop up.  Just click on OK.

Now the software will install the database content. So the next step is to customize your “New Settings” & create your new admin account.

Now that we are on this page you need to start by making sure your domain has “https://” and not “http://” so you will need to add the “s” into the URL field.

The “Path” will automatically be filled out so you don’t have to worry about that.

The Title is going to be UROnlineBrand that we came up with is Step Two of the Blitz Challenge.


Under the “Options” tab, you need to create a new admin account.

This is going to be your login account to design, edit, and update your website moving forward.

Enter in your Username, Password, and Email.

Even though it does say “Optional” do not fill out any of the other fields we will be doing this part of the Admin Account in a little while.

Once you have done that, click on “Next”.

Now it will replace all of that information and ….

We have now installed the FREE WordPress template!


Now, all you need to do is click on Admin Login and you will be on the log in page for your self hosted WordPress website.

Enter in your Username and Password. Let’s Login.

After you login you will be redirected to the Duplicator Installer page to remove the installation files

remove duplicator installation files

Once you are on the Duplicator Tools page you will see the cleanup ran.  But to be safe, click on the “Remove Installation Files” button to remove any files that have been left behind.

After you do that you will need to click on “Clear Build Cache”. You will then have a pop up verifying that you want to build the cache and that you DO NOT have any packages currently being built. Click on “OK”. After you see the “Build Cache Removed.” notification click on the “Dashboard” link in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Welcome To Your WordPress Dashboard

This is your WordPress Dashboard.  Moving forward, this will be how you will start a website. It doesn’t matter if you want to design new pages or publish blog posts, it all starts here! I’m going to be covering the basics so you can close out any of the on screen tutorials or notifications.

Are you ready to keep building our website? Let's Go!

The next step is to Customize your WordPress website. You can get to the Customize tab by going to “Appearance” then clicking on “Customize”.

The main section we are going to be editing is your “Site Identity”. This is where you will be putting your brand/business name & tagline. You will also be uploading your two different logos (regular & retina) & your site icon.

Once you make the needed changes and update all of your Site Identity content, click on “Publish”.

You can back up and change your “Colors” and “Typography” defaults but aside from those two options we won’t be doing anything else.

For a deeper in depth walkthrough of the WordPress Customize Settings… Click Here.

Update Your WordPress User

Access your WordPress User profile by going to the “Users” option on the left sidebar inside of your Dashboard. Now click on “Your Profile”.

I’m not going to cover every section in this here, but I will say, fill everything out completely.

If you would like to have more information on WordPress Users you can check out the WordPress User Guide “Blog Post”.

Create Any Additionally Needed Pages

When it comes to starting a website, you need to understand the pages that you need for your site.

There are some default pages that are automatically created with the template but you may need more than what is there. This is where we will be making the additional pages we need.

NOTE: Remember that we are only creating the pages, we are not adding content or designing them yet. 

Update Your WordPress Menus

By default you have two menus that I’ve created for you in the template. The menu for your header navigation is titled “Main Menu” and the footer menu is “Footer.

Add any of the additional pages you created to the desired menu.

If you are not familiar with WordPress Menus you can check out the guide by clicking on the button below.

Buy Elementor Pro ($49*)

Get your copy of Elementor Pro at or click on the button above. 

Follow through with the video above to complete the install and authorization of ElementorPro of your website

*Price includes licence, updates, and support for one year.

Customize Your Coming Soon Page

The next step is to design our pages so before you go crazy with your coming soon page remember the faster we get to the website the faster we can launch.

So feel free to customize your Coming Soon page but don’t spend any time that isn’t needed on this step.

You can watch me customizing the coming soon page in the video for this step or you can check out the complete “Coming Soon Page Tutorial” blog post by clicking here.

That's all folks!

Step Three Complete: Structure

Now that we have installed the free website design template, it is time to move forward with the next step in the Blitz Challenge.