Tips on Finding Great Content for Your Blog

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In order to make your blog successful, you’ll need to get traffic to it and keep the traffic coming back. The best way to do this is to provide the best content you can in your niche or market and make it interesting to your blog readers.

Even the most successful bloggers start to run out of their own original content to post about. Some resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel to find things to discuss, but that ultimately loses them readers, which means less business and money streaming in.

Where do you find great ideas to post about?  There are actually many different things to use to get you out of your stuck-in-a-rut mode or as a lot of others say “writers-block”. These may be simple techniques to use, but they can be effective if used right. Here are some things to try the next time you get stuck for something to write about:

Scour the news sitesSearch the news sites like CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews and see if you can find a top story that you can blog about. Instead of just linking to the story, add your own accounting of it.

You can post about your personal feelings toward the story or ask your readers what their thoughts are on it. Just make sure the story somehow relates to your blog’s topic. For example, if you run a fitness blog a good story from Huffington Post on the health benefits of a new drink that company “X” is releasing would be a great start.

Check out your fellow blogger’s sites and see what they’re blogging about – It may seem unethical, but as long as you’re not stealing content, it’s perfectly acceptable to see what the community is interested in.

Is there a post that catches your eye?  Is there something you can add to that post?  A new spin you can put on it?  Media outlets always have an eye on the competition to see what others are doing – and you should, too!

Internet researchDo a search on the Internet for your blog’s topic. See what information you can come up with concerning your niche. You may become inspired by something you’ve read there or you may think of some comments to post about it.

Check the video sitesYouTube has a bunch of different videos out there that you can add to your blog.  See if you can find one that relates to your blog’s topic. Post the video to your blog and have your readers share their thoughts on it.

Consider doing reviewsReviews can be a good filler to use while you try to get inspired again. Choose some articles, websites, books or whatever you can think of that’s related to your blog’s topic and post a review of it. If it’s a good review, add your affiliate link and make some money from your opinions!

Daily activities Think about what happened within your day that you might be able to work into your blog.  If your blog is about flowers and you happened to go for a walk and saw some flowers on the way, use that as your post.

Let your readers know what kinds of flowers are seen in your neighborhood and if possible, take come pictures to add since visual stimulation enhances the reader’s experience.

You can easily get back your inspiration for your blog posting if you look to other sources. They can help you come up with ideas of what you can share with your readers or they can give you a nice filler until your personal inspiration comes back. Don’t lose readers just because you’ve lost your blogging muse!

The main thing is that you need to use the resources that you have.  Depending on your niche you may find some really big Facebook groups or hashtags on Twitter or Instagram that might feed into your content.  You need to get creative!

So, get out there and get blogging.  You have time, put down the remote and spend the next hour putting together some good content for your readers!

Why Every Website Needs A Blog | The Power Of Blogging

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If you want to have a website, don’t just make a squeeze page and static sales letter and be done with it. Always implement a blog platform on your site so that you can take advantage of one of the most powerful forms of social media in existence. Remember the state of the internet. Content is “KING” & having a blog can help you grow your website traffic!

A blog is very easy to set up. If you’re using a hosting company with cPanel, then it’s even easier! All you have to do is log into your cPanel and install WordPress with the FREE web applications provided by HostYak.

Choose the platform you want most people to choose WordPress and click the New Installation link. Fill in the form with your administrative name and password. The directory you choose can be something like /blog which will make the blog appear on your URL like this:

Once you finish the installation, you can go through the blogís dashboard and fill in all of the additional elements you want your blog to have. You can change the theme, for example.

There are many free and paid themes online that will match your niche topic perfectly. You can have one custom designed for you by a graphics designer who specializes in WordPress.

Watch out for the free themes, because they often insert links to their own sites (some of them very seedy) and they could have other ads strategically placed in the theme itself, distracting your customers from what you want them to see. We use GeneratePress for DigiToolBag.

Make sure you include some smart plugins with your blog. You can search and install free plugins that help your blog function better. For instance, some will remove spam from your blog. Others will create a sitemap for Google bots and other search engines to follow. You can create contact forms using plugins, too!

Make sure all settings are properly listed. For example, under settings, go to privacy and ensure that your blog is visible to the public. Sometimes it defaults to be private and youíd never know, thinking instead that your website was a complete failure!

If you’d like your URLs for each blog post to help you get indexed for your niche keywords, then go to settings, and click on permalinks. Choose the custom structure and paste this in the blank area: /%postname%/ because it will put the title of your blog post at the end of your URL, instead of something like

Once your blog is installed, the best thing you can do is start posting! Make posts on your blog frequently & daily is best. The more you post, the more Google and other search engines will come by to see what content you have that can be passed along to the people who use their search engines.