What You Need To Create Social Media Profiles (Image Sizes, Bios & More)

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The first thing that you need to have is your handle and your domain. (@uronlinebrand www.uronlinebrand.com)

If you don’t have a uniform name you can go through this tutorial to get everything to be the same on all platforms. Click Here

Once you have your handle you will also need to put your full name in. This may be different than your handle. If you are “John Smith” you might not have @johnsmith but you might be @iamjohnsmith as your handle so your “name” would be “John Smith”.

If you are a business and your name is “Professional Business Brand” and your handle is “@pbbrand” that’s how you would enter it.

After that, the next thing you need to focus on is your Tagline. You may or may not use your tagline in your profiles but it is important to have.

Your “Brand” online is focused around your “profile pic”.

The “recommended” size for the profile picture are different across the different platforms.

I have found a default image at 1500px X 1500px will work across all platforms.

View the SproutSocial guide to “Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Once you have a picture in mind for your profile pictures you need to make sure that it is centered within the “circle” the images crop to within the different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram.

The other image needed for social media profiles is the “Header” or “Cover” photo.

The next thing you need to focus on is your “Bios”

This needs to be different for each of the platforms. You can keep the same basic concept but it needs to be written for the right platform.

With your Facebook bio it can be basic and doesn’t need to focus on a specific thing.

Instagram’s bio changes because of the use of emojis. I found that using emojis helps you say more with less characters. It also is more native to the vibe of the platform.

Inside of LinkedIn you will want to have your bio written geared more towards the business professional which is the average user on LinkedIn

You can be a lot more playful on twitter with your bio.

***Blitz Challenge Note***

The goal of this step is to create the pages/profiles so you can have the links to them to use in your website.