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Confused about Web Hosting VS Domains? Your Domain is your address and the Web Hosting Services is the land your "home/office" (or website) is on...
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If you are following along with the “Blitz” then we have our email and domain. Now it’s time to select the web hosting services.

I, CJ Hallock, have used many different hosting companies including HostGator, InMotion Hosting and others.  At this time, since I’ve partnered with GoDaddy to launch HostYak, I am slowly migrating all of my properties to HostYak.

In my opinion, HostYak is the best web hosting for small business and brands.  While these packages that we are going to be using is for beginners and smaller projects, there are options for larger websites when you outgrow these.

So, let’s get started and sign up for our web hosting services.

If you already have your domain with HostYak, then you already have an account and don’t need to sign up for a new one.  If this is the case then all you need to do is log in and add the hosting.

If you do not have your domain with HostYak, you can register your domain with them or just sign up with a new hosting account.

Either way, the steps are really easy!

In order to get started buying the recommended hosting plan, you need to start by going to HostYak.

Once you are on HostYak you need to click on “Hosting” then when the drop-down menu comes up, you will need to click on “cPanel”.

hosting with free ssl screen capture

If you want the shortcut link to get to the cPanel options –> Click Here

Once you are on the cPanel page you need to select the package titled “cPanel Ultimate”.

cpanel hosting package with free ssl certificate

Here are a few reasons why we recommend cPanel Ultimate for your web hosting services:

  • Unlimited websites – I’m going to be honest … you can’t host 100 websites with this package but you can get 5-10 sites on this package as long as your WordPress website is optimized. (View disclaimer listed below the features of the package)
  • 2X Processing power and memory (This helps make your website load faster!)
  • FREE SSL Certificate! – If you don’t understand what an SSL Certificate is, it basically helps encrypt and secure your customer’s information & will help you rank in the search engines. (This is normally about $40 per year but your first year is free with this package)

From here if you already have an account all you need to do is follow through the rest of the checkout process. If you do not have a HostYak account you simply need to create one!

That is it for now. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions just shoot me a message 

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